Monday, June 1, 2009

The Katherine Cup... Gooooo horsies!

On Saturday we went to the Famous Katherine Cup (they told me it was famous). There were a lot of cowboys there with big hats who were in town for the cattle sales. Some people were really dressed up and others were in their board shorts like they were going to the beach. Mummy and Auntie Amee looked really pretty though and kept their shoes on for some of the time.
Here are Mummy and I beside the race course.

It was a really hot day and Auntie Amee and Mummy drank lots of water through the day to keep hydrated. Amee stole someones fascinator but kept calling it a fashionator.. hehehe she's silly after all that water!

Here we are at the bar.

I had some water too... phew it was hot!! :)

The horses were really big compared to me but I was not scared, Mummy made sure of that. We only put a bet on one race with a horse called something "Sunshine" because it reminded us of Daddy! We got a second!
After the races we went to the Golf Club but Mummy and I were too tired to stay long. When we got home bed was lovely.. I was sooo bear tired!

We had such a fun day!

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