Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mummy and I are going on holidays!!!

I am very excited.. as excited as a Teddy can be!

Tomorrow we are going on a plane to Darwin to visit Auntie Amee. They have moved to Katherine now so it's a new place to visit but there is a bit of a drive to get there. It's never boring with Auntie Amee though, she sings a lot in the car.

Mummy tells me that Auntie Amee wants to go to the races on Saturday and if I am good she will take me too! I love horses.. can we mummy, can we mummy?!!

Gilly is staying home with Daddy for company because Daddy has to work and make all the money. He and Daddy will be watching cricket and they are both happy about that. Mummy and I prefer to do other things when that is on. We will miss them both but will talk to them every day.

Leaving on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First 1/2 Marathon!

On Sunday morning very early we went into the city and ran The Sydney Morning Herald 1/2 Marathon. It's a very long race but not as long as the big Marathon like Daddy has done before.
Here are Daddy and I before the run smiling.
Daddy forgot to tell me how far we were going...Mummy chased us around the city and yelled "Go Boys!" which made us run much faster. We didn't tell her we had to walk some of it because daddy's feet and my paws were getting a little sore. Daddy told me it didn't matter that we didn't win but we try and finish the run. It was really hard but we did it together! We ran and ran and walked a little. In one spot Mummy ran with us and had a chat but she had to stop so Daddy and I could finish the run.

When we got to the finish line there was a man reading out every one's names out over a microphone. He read out Daddy's name and then said "Congratulations Bluey". I was so tired but very happy.

Here are Daddy and I after the run with Daddy's medal! We made it Daddy!! I needed a LOT to drink after all that. Here I am taking a break at the final drink station. Phew... When we got home we headed straight to the spa... ohhhhhh it was sooooo nice!
Mmmmmm it really helped my paws!

Daddy said next time we might have special shirts to run in. Mummy is going to design something pretty with Sophie's hand and footprints in honor of her. That would make us so proud!

Thanks for taking me Daddy, was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Daddy is very special :)

It is never boring being with my Mummy and Daddy.

On Thursday night mummy and I went to watch Daddy do a Mr Taxman seminar. I was so proud of Daddy.. he is so smart! Mummy had to whisper to me sometimes because I didn't understand what he was saying. I am only a Teddy Bear after all!
I am helping him set up here
A lot of people go to see my Daddy because he is so smart and there were a lot there than night. Here I am watching daddy at the end of the table. Can you see me?When he was presenting I had to stop myself from yelling 'GO DADDY'. Mummy said it was not very professional in front of clients.

When we got home I gave Daddy a big hug and told him how great he was. Mummy gave me a glow stick for being so good :) I think secretly she gets them because she likes them but I love them too.
Emma liked the glow stick too but she would only have eaten it so I had to keep it away from her.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mummy's Special Day

This weekend Gilly, Daddy and I took Mummy away for some fun away from the city. It was Mothers Day and we think she deserves it. So we packed the car and headed up north.

We stayed at a house at Nord's Wharf so we could take the puppies and Maxi. Grandma and Pa also came with Mitch (their Lab) and Nanna came with Missy (Maltese). We had so much food and the adults had a few wines with their dinners, but we just enjoyed being there with everyone.
The house was on the water so we spent a lot of the time watching the puppies play and swim. We couldn't go in although mummy tells us we need a bath now anyway!

Here is mummy with the puppies on the first night.
Here is us at the jetty. We are sitting on a boat here.
And here we are on the jetty... don't fall in Gilly!
On Mothers Day Daddy helped us make Mummy and the Grannies a fruit platter for breakfast.. it was soooo much fun!Then we went to lunch to Thai at Rafferty's Resort. The Grannies chose it over the posh restaurant but we didn't mind at all...mmm you know how I love Thai!

Here we are looking after the drinks for lunch.Although we know it was a sad day for Mummy we know that she had a nice time because she gave us lots of cuddles and nosies.Thank you Daddy for helping us make Mummy's weekend so special!

I hope all the mummy's out there had a Happy Day just like mine!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What happened in Darwin?

Daddy, mummy and I went out on a Catamaran to a pub and spent the afternoon there watching the view. Darwin is a very hot place and daddy says you need to keep up your fluids.

so we drank to keep up the fluids...

Then we went back and had dinner with mummys best friend Aunty Amee... mmmmm Thai food. I had a picture with the nice man at the restaurant.
Was all innocent honestly. I didn't really end up in Jail... daddy was just tricking. He always plays tricks! :)

I am almost 5 months old..

I am such a lucky bear! My parents take me everywhere they go..well almost everywhere!

In my family we have mummy, daddy and an angel Sophie Cleo who watches over us. We also have 2 puppies, Sammy and Emma, a furball cat Maxi and Gilly Bear, my best friend. Gilly likes to play a lot of cricket but he's special too because he has a twin who watches over Sophie.

So far I have been a few places. With Daddy we travelled to Perth, Cairns, Melbourne and Darwin. Mummy has taken to to the Hunter Valley and we met her in Darwin and had lots of fun. I also go to the beach with the puppies who have both given me a lick and Emma once picked me up thinking I was her 'woofy'. Lucky daddy saved me!

Our big holiday so far was to New Zealand.

We hired a car and drove around, I had my first lesson :)

we kayaked

walked up to 2 glaciers (we hitched with daddy)saw glow worms, went to an aquarium,

we went on a big boat and we took control,

we went on a winery and cheese tour

...but our favourite time was writing Sophie's name in the beaches we found... and we found a few special ones!