Monday, July 26, 2010

A busy Bear!

Last weekend Daddy took me to another Footie weekend with new boys for AFL State Championships. This one was in Canberra and I was glad to be a fluffy warm bear!

The boys played ok, they got better as they went on but Daddy did a wonderful job and I mummy and I are so proud of him.

Here was a lovely breakfast we had.

And here I am before a game getting a rub down... mmmmmm very bearable...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daddy says

We are going on another plane on the weekend... are we daddy???!!!!

Do I have to have a bath though? :(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Daddy's article

My Daddy wrote an article on meeting me. Thanks Daddy. Happy anniversary to you and Mummy for today!


Despite a trouble-free pregnancy, we experienced every potential parent’s worst nightmare – our baby daughter was born sleeping – in December 2008. Like all expectant parents, we had walked into the hospital full of hope and excitement. Only hours later did this feeling turn to absolute despair and desperation. We had spent the previous 32 weeks reading manuals and stories on how to be a good parent & how to raise a child ... there was no manual preparing us for this tragic outcome. In fact we had spent our entire life preparing to become a parent.

Psychologists, doctors, mid-wives, family & friends tried to offer condolences but their efforts were futile. We felt like the world had collapsed and that even the walls in the hospital room were starting to cave in. What do we do now? What do we do in the future when it had all revolved around one thing ... and which had now been taken away from us so cruelly.

They say that life is full of defining moments. Moments that you remember in time as being significant. Sometimes life-changing. That’s what it felt when we were presented with a bear from Bears of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Support on day three. A well of emotion instantly came over us. It was the first time that we felt a sense of happiness mixed in with all the sadness. The next day we had to take the hardest walk that you could possibly imagine – the one of leaving a hospital with empty arms – but we were not going to have them empty because our bear, who we called “Bluey”, was going to be with us every step of the way.

Here was an organisation that we had never met but showed that they cared for us with such a thoughtful gift. An organisation who we felt understood the pain of what we were going through ... one mother helping out another mother is what I remember as being the motto. Bluey would be the a lead act to quality support that has followed. A lifetime of support.

Bluey has become part of the family. We take him everywhere – from the pub and on holidays. Bluey can never replace Sophie but he gave us hope and has inspired us to help others who have had the same experience. He is the best cuddler ever especially when you are feeling sad. We wish we never had to meet him but glad in a way that we did because of the wonderful people that we have met as a result.

When we said goodbye, we promised our daughter that we would make a difference. We thank you for making a difference.

Mummy & Daddy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon - 19th July

The Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon was such a pretty run for Daddy. That's what helped him run up all the hills! It was not nice and flat like the Gold Coast so was a lot harder for Daddy aka Larry. He had had a fluey thing recently so Mummy made sure he didn't push himself too much. Mummy, Toni from Bears of Hope, Gilly and I followed Daddy and were able to drive with him on some of the course. It was funny talking to him out the car window while he was running. It was like we were a real support crew in a world event!

Here I am waiting for Daddy...
Here he comes!!!!! Go Daddy... I mean LARRY!!!
When Daddy got to the finish he danced across it in a jig. Everyone was laughing and cheering him on. Look at him dance!!
When we saw him at the finish line Mummy and I gave Daddy a big hug. Mummy cried she was so proud of what he was doing in honor of Sophie. When I gave him a hug his beard tickled me again :)
Here we are catching our breath ofter the race.
and thanking Toni for cheering with Mummy over the whole course.
and here are my Mummy and Daddy... ewwww they are getting mushy!
Great work again Daddy!!

Queensland 1/2 Marathon

Earlier this month Daddy took Mummy and I to the Gold Coast to watch him run in the 1/2 Marathon. We stayed up in a place call Mt Tambourine in a lovely B & B.
We went driving in a convertible, we went, sightseeing, we ate, ate and ate some more and we even had ice cream on the beach! That was my favorite part but don’t tell anyone..shhhhh :) The day before the run in QLD they have a "Carb-up" lunch where everyone eats heaps of pasta and bread to get all the energy they need. We met a few famous runners, Rob De Castella was one we got a pic with.

On Marathon day Mummy and I drove around and cheered Daddy on in his run. We drove, he ran... we drove more and he ran...
and he ran some more with us cheering him on. Mummy as always was the official photographer. Tell you what, cheering and taking a photo is hard work but not as hard as running!

The weather was cooler than we expected but Daddy still heated up in 'Larry'. We cheered and chased and when he got the finish line we were there with the HUGE crowd to give him a big hug. His beard tickles even a fury bear! You are amazing Daddy. Sophie Bear is watching and smiling at her funny Daddy :)
We wrote Sophie's name as we always do when we go places. This one was really pretty at Surfers Paradise.

Daddy played footy with his favourite players...

WOW WOW WOW. I went to Melbourne with Daddy to watch him play in the EJ Whitten Cup. He won a competition and was allowed to pay with a whle lot of AFL superstars and I got to go with him. You could not wipe the smile off his face!
We met so many star players and I had my photo taken with heaps of them. Daddy told me all about who they played for and how many games they had played. It was so exciting especially being in the change rooms with them all. I had photos after photos and I even got a massage!
Mummy came down to watch the game, cheer Daddy on and take lots of photos. Thanks Mummy.

The Running Man

My Daddy is pretty special to me and to Mummy. He is always a lot of fun and he tries to make everything we do really special.

Right now Daddy is raising money for Bears of Hope which is how I came to find such a special Mummy and Daddy. I was given to them at the hospital after they lost our special Sophie Cleo so they didn't leave hospital cuddling something cute. I hope I was cute enough for them :)

As I said my Daddy is special and to raise money he is running the Sydney Marathon on September 20 in a Leprechaun outfit and calls himself 'Larry Leprechaun'!

Daddy looks so funny in the suit and it always makes everyone he runs a past smile. All the little kids smile and wave and it makes him feel good about what he is doing. Some people think he is crazy and wonder why he is doing it but when they find out why he is making a spectacle of himself they agree he's doing a great job.

So far Daddy has raised almost $12,000 and his aim is $15,000. I reckon he is so good at this that he will raise heaps more... even $20,000. Wow.. imagine how many teddies like me could make a family smile when they need it most.

We have been training, 'pounding the pavement' as Daddy says. He has tried the suit in The Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon and The Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon. I just love watching him run.
I am so proud of what he is achieving in so many ways