Saturday, August 1, 2009

Queensland 1/2 Marathon

Earlier this month Daddy took Mummy and I to the Gold Coast to watch him run in the 1/2 Marathon. We stayed up in a place call Mt Tambourine in a lovely B & B.
We went driving in a convertible, we went, sightseeing, we ate, ate and ate some more and we even had ice cream on the beach! That was my favorite part but don’t tell anyone..shhhhh :) The day before the run in QLD they have a "Carb-up" lunch where everyone eats heaps of pasta and bread to get all the energy they need. We met a few famous runners, Rob De Castella was one we got a pic with.

On Marathon day Mummy and I drove around and cheered Daddy on in his run. We drove, he ran... we drove more and he ran...
and he ran some more with us cheering him on. Mummy as always was the official photographer. Tell you what, cheering and taking a photo is hard work but not as hard as running!

The weather was cooler than we expected but Daddy still heated up in 'Larry'. We cheered and chased and when he got the finish line we were there with the HUGE crowd to give him a big hug. His beard tickles even a fury bear! You are amazing Daddy. Sophie Bear is watching and smiling at her funny Daddy :)
We wrote Sophie's name as we always do when we go places. This one was really pretty at Surfers Paradise.

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