Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Running Man

My Daddy is pretty special to me and to Mummy. He is always a lot of fun and he tries to make everything we do really special.

Right now Daddy is raising money for Bears of Hope which is how I came to find such a special Mummy and Daddy. I was given to them at the hospital after they lost our special Sophie Cleo so they didn't leave hospital cuddling something cute. I hope I was cute enough for them :)

As I said my Daddy is special and to raise money he is running the Sydney Marathon on September 20 in a Leprechaun outfit and calls himself 'Larry Leprechaun'!

Daddy looks so funny in the suit and it always makes everyone he runs a past smile. All the little kids smile and wave and it makes him feel good about what he is doing. Some people think he is crazy and wonder why he is doing it but when they find out why he is making a spectacle of himself they agree he's doing a great job.

So far Daddy has raised almost $12,000 and his aim is $15,000. I reckon he is so good at this that he will raise heaps more... even $20,000. Wow.. imagine how many teddies like me could make a family smile when they need it most.

We have been training, 'pounding the pavement' as Daddy says. He has tried the suit in The Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon and The Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon. I just love watching him run.
I am so proud of what he is achieving in so many ways


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