Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon - 19th July

The Hunter Valley 1/2 Marathon was such a pretty run for Daddy. That's what helped him run up all the hills! It was not nice and flat like the Gold Coast so was a lot harder for Daddy aka Larry. He had had a fluey thing recently so Mummy made sure he didn't push himself too much. Mummy, Toni from Bears of Hope, Gilly and I followed Daddy and were able to drive with him on some of the course. It was funny talking to him out the car window while he was running. It was like we were a real support crew in a world event!

Here I am waiting for Daddy...
Here he comes!!!!! Go Daddy... I mean LARRY!!!
When Daddy got to the finish he danced across it in a jig. Everyone was laughing and cheering him on. Look at him dance!!
When we saw him at the finish line Mummy and I gave Daddy a big hug. Mummy cried she was so proud of what he was doing in honor of Sophie. When I gave him a hug his beard tickled me again :)
Here we are catching our breath ofter the race.
and thanking Toni for cheering with Mummy over the whole course.
and here are my Mummy and Daddy... ewwww they are getting mushy!
Great work again Daddy!!

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