Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mummy's Special Day

This weekend Gilly, Daddy and I took Mummy away for some fun away from the city. It was Mothers Day and we think she deserves it. So we packed the car and headed up north.

We stayed at a house at Nord's Wharf so we could take the puppies and Maxi. Grandma and Pa also came with Mitch (their Lab) and Nanna came with Missy (Maltese). We had so much food and the adults had a few wines with their dinners, but we just enjoyed being there with everyone.
The house was on the water so we spent a lot of the time watching the puppies play and swim. We couldn't go in although mummy tells us we need a bath now anyway!

Here is mummy with the puppies on the first night.
Here is us at the jetty. We are sitting on a boat here.
And here we are on the jetty... don't fall in Gilly!
On Mothers Day Daddy helped us make Mummy and the Grannies a fruit platter for breakfast.. it was soooo much fun!Then we went to lunch to Thai at Rafferty's Resort. The Grannies chose it over the posh restaurant but we didn't mind at all...mmm you know how I love Thai!

Here we are looking after the drinks for lunch.Although we know it was a sad day for Mummy we know that she had a nice time because she gave us lots of cuddles and nosies.Thank you Daddy for helping us make Mummy's weekend so special!

I hope all the mummy's out there had a Happy Day just like mine!

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