Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Daddy is very special :)

It is never boring being with my Mummy and Daddy.

On Thursday night mummy and I went to watch Daddy do a Mr Taxman seminar. I was so proud of Daddy.. he is so smart! Mummy had to whisper to me sometimes because I didn't understand what he was saying. I am only a Teddy Bear after all!
I am helping him set up here
A lot of people go to see my Daddy because he is so smart and there were a lot there than night. Here I am watching daddy at the end of the table. Can you see me?When he was presenting I had to stop myself from yelling 'GO DADDY'. Mummy said it was not very professional in front of clients.

When we got home I gave Daddy a big hug and told him how great he was. Mummy gave me a glow stick for being so good :) I think secretly she gets them because she likes them but I love them too.
Emma liked the glow stick too but she would only have eaten it so I had to keep it away from her.

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