Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First 1/2 Marathon!

On Sunday morning very early we went into the city and ran The Sydney Morning Herald 1/2 Marathon. It's a very long race but not as long as the big Marathon like Daddy has done before.
Here are Daddy and I before the run smiling.
Daddy forgot to tell me how far we were going...Mummy chased us around the city and yelled "Go Boys!" which made us run much faster. We didn't tell her we had to walk some of it because daddy's feet and my paws were getting a little sore. Daddy told me it didn't matter that we didn't win but we try and finish the run. It was really hard but we did it together! We ran and ran and walked a little. In one spot Mummy ran with us and had a chat but she had to stop so Daddy and I could finish the run.

When we got to the finish line there was a man reading out every one's names out over a microphone. He read out Daddy's name and then said "Congratulations Bluey". I was so tired but very happy.

Here are Daddy and I after the run with Daddy's medal! We made it Daddy!! I needed a LOT to drink after all that. Here I am taking a break at the final drink station. Phew... When we got home we headed straight to the spa... ohhhhhh it was sooooo nice!
Mmmmmm it really helped my paws!

Daddy said next time we might have special shirts to run in. Mummy is going to design something pretty with Sophie's hand and footprints in honor of her. That would make us so proud!

Thanks for taking me Daddy, was a lot of fun.

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