Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mummy and I are going on holidays!!!

I am very excited.. as excited as a Teddy can be!

Tomorrow we are going on a plane to Darwin to visit Auntie Amee. They have moved to Katherine now so it's a new place to visit but there is a bit of a drive to get there. It's never boring with Auntie Amee though, she sings a lot in the car.

Mummy tells me that Auntie Amee wants to go to the races on Saturday and if I am good she will take me too! I love horses.. can we mummy, can we mummy?!!

Gilly is staying home with Daddy for company because Daddy has to work and make all the money. He and Daddy will be watching cricket and they are both happy about that. Mummy and I prefer to do other things when that is on. We will miss them both but will talk to them every day.

Leaving on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again :)

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