Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am almost 5 months old..

I am such a lucky bear! My parents take me everywhere they go..well almost everywhere!

In my family we have mummy, daddy and an angel Sophie Cleo who watches over us. We also have 2 puppies, Sammy and Emma, a furball cat Maxi and Gilly Bear, my best friend. Gilly likes to play a lot of cricket but he's special too because he has a twin who watches over Sophie.

So far I have been a few places. With Daddy we travelled to Perth, Cairns, Melbourne and Darwin. Mummy has taken to to the Hunter Valley and we met her in Darwin and had lots of fun. I also go to the beach with the puppies who have both given me a lick and Emma once picked me up thinking I was her 'woofy'. Lucky daddy saved me!

Our big holiday so far was to New Zealand.

We hired a car and drove around, I had my first lesson :)

we kayaked

walked up to 2 glaciers (we hitched with daddy)saw glow worms, went to an aquarium,

we went on a big boat and we took control,

we went on a winery and cheese tour

...but our favourite time was writing Sophie's name in the beaches we found... and we found a few special ones!

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